265 quotes by Atle

“Leadership based on trust, firmness and implementation power has created MOT. Trust and firmness is related to a plethora of positive outcomes. It helped MOT become a national brand and spread to four continents.”


Make conscious choices!

The secret to progress is joy.

The secret to progress is sincerity.

The secret to progress is to dare to go your own way.

The secret to progress is to «just» win over oneself.

Take care of each other!

The secret to progress is unity.

The secret to progress is loyalty.

The secret to progress is to back each other up.

The secret to progress is long-term hard work.


Teach young people «to live».

Deliver the message in a «cool» way.

Create a warmer and safer society.

Focus on values, awareness, and attitude change.

Invest in youth as future parents and leaders.

Inspire young people to have an offensive and positive way of thinking to avoid hatred, bitterness, and jealousy.

Inspire youth to make their own choices, respect each other’s choices and care about each other.

Make adults care about the youth by setting clear boundaries and make them care and take responsibility for the neighbours’ children, the children in the sports club, as well as for their own children.


MOT shall become cool.

Courage to care, say no and live is going to be ‘in’.

It’s going to be cool to make one’s own choices, cool to say no, cool to care and cool to wear a MOT hoodie.

An important instrument should be the MOT logo.

The MOT logo shall be a hallmark for attitude-altering and preventative work material.

By connecting professional athletes, artists and actors with the MOT logo, youth will want MOT.

MOT’s objective is to work for a safer society.

The objective will be achieved by focusing on values.

MOT’s focus on values shall prevent alcohol and drug abuse, violence and bullying among children and youth.

The value message shall be spread through a comprehensive plan.


MOT will create safe, conscious, and vibrant individuals who make their own choices.

MOT wants independent and vibrant people who dare to show emotions, dare to make mistakes, and dare to make their own choices.

MOT wishes to ensure good childhood environments with young people who support each other, care about each other, and respect each other’s choices.

MOT will actively contribute to an awareness that we all have a responsibility and that we can all contribute positively. We call this common accountability. MOT wishes to create a common accountability not only among young people and parents, but also among those authorities in society that have a special responsibility for young people’s upbringing.

The MOT concept is based on behavioural and adolescent research, special education, and psychology – and conversations with parents, police officers, NGOs and former drug addicts. The most important, however, has been visiting classes in secondary and upper secondary schools. There we have heard directly from the target group what experiences they have with preventive work and awareness campaigns. The most valuable tips have come from the young people themselves.

MOT has specified its key objectives in behavioural norms that help create a sense of security and belonging and that have an inclusive effect. These behavioural norms have also proven to be important success factors for the best elite athletes.

MOT wants to create a mutual understanding throughout society of the importance of taking care of each other and taking responsibility for each other’s situation. This way, we can help others out of a problem, or prevent them from having problems.


I dream that MOT will create warmer and safer childhood environments, and trigger and reinforce the inner courage of many young people – every single day throughout Norway and beyond throughout the world…

I dream of MOT becoming one of the world’s most unique masterpieces when it comes to value work, culture and profile building.

MOT should give the target group an experience, and they should get roughly the same experience every time. MOT leaves its mark on people, and the mark must be roughly equal. This is how we will create the masterpiece MOT.

MOT’s brand identity model is a theorising and systematising of how MOT has been thinking since May 1996.

MOT’s brand identity model will be like a magic mix and lay the theoretical foundation for the «MOT magic» and for MOT once becoming the world’s most unique value masterpiece.

MOT’s brand identity model should make it easier for MOT associates to make decisions when faced with different solutions.

MOT’s brand identity model should create disciplined thoughts, disciplined actions, and disciplined MOT captains and MOT players.

MOT’s brand identity model is intended to ensure that MOT associates take responsibility, are autonomous, have intrinsic motivation, and become virtually independent of «superior managers».

MOT’s disciplined thoughts, actions and people are why MOT has minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy and minimal inspection of individuals and individual actions.

MOT aims to be the one who “takes young people seriously.” This should also be the main experience of MOT.

MOT should have a flat structure and not be hierarchical. MOT’s «organisational model» consists of several «models» that are used interchangeably, depending on the area, theme and focus.


The dream is that everyone experiencing MOT gets more courage.

Courage is an important quality for the power of thought and for our actions. Courage is perhaps the most powerful word there is, and that is why MOT is called MOT. The Norwegian word ‘mot’ translates into courage in English.

It takes courage to be strong in yourself.

Courage is an important quality for success, no matter what we create and develop.

MOT has a dream of becoming the most unique value masterpiece in the world.

MOT has a dream of a logo on the moon – seen from the Earth. People might never see the actual logo when looking up at the moon, but they will see a sky full of stars. These stars will provide warmth and safety, but also trigger the inner dreams and courage in children and youth.

Making oneself attractive is important in order to reach young people. Therefore, MOT has been very conscious of visual profile building since its inception.

A brand is not primarily built by what you can see, but in a world that is becoming more and more visual, external communication and symbols have made MOT’s branding visible and more known and helped inspire MOT’s target groups. 

Proper profile building reinforces MOT’s branding. But the most important thing in MOT’s branding is “the players” on the MOT team.

The people are MOT’s most important asset. That is why culture building is the most important MOT does and what makes MOT unique.

MOT’s culture will reinforce a MOT that people want to belong to and identify with.

MOT’s culture is a unified and healthy winning culture with people who make the world a better place to be a part of.

The most important part of MOT’s culture building is recruiting people with the right values, attitudes, and thoughts about culture.

The most talented associates and managers of the future do not want to see a set of values at home and a different set of values at work.

MOT is more than a good philosophy, good programmes, and good manuscripts. MOT is more than good communicators and funding partners. MOT is most of all about good team play, and MOT players with a fighting spirit, joy and enthusiasm, and the ability to create trust.

In MOT we will have independent individuals.

In MOT we will give people great freedom.

In MOT we will have people who speak up.

In MOT we will have great diversity.

At the same time, we will work together in the same direction and create a clear brand. With great diversity and freedom, it requires a unified and disciplined culture.

If we have a unified and disciplined culture, we avoid too much governance, rules, and time spent on unnecessary things.

Good organising creates an efficient MOT.

Show modesty without becoming greedy. Keep the costs low.

Remember that many people find pleasure in contributing to a warmer and safer childhood environment.

2005 ->

Show courage! Your courage will inspire and help others!

MOT is a courage- and value-based movement.

Strengthen your awareness! You as a role model will change lives.

Build cultures with awareness and courage – to live, care, and say no.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT should be some kind of magic for the youth.

I hope we never lose sight that youth should feel connected to the MOT values.

I hope we never lose sight that the right people are crucial for MOT to have success.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT should be a quality symbol in life skills work.

I hope we never lose sight of MOT as a holistic, agile and strong system made for an eternity perspective.

I hope we never lose sight of that youth should feel ownership of MOT.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT is a provider of engaging experiences.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT from day one was built as a brand for youth and as a neutral values movement across everything.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that we want youth to wish for MOT, ask for MOT and find MOT attractive.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT is a simple philosophy with a positive and broad approach that can be used as a universal tool.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that MOT started with professional athletes, courage, firmness, and kindness.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that the MOT logo should be something awesome in the eyes of youth.

I hope we will stay true to having a MOT atmosphere, MOT language and MOT expression that is recognisable as positive, simple, and energetic.

I believe in believing in people, giving ownership to people, and building systems and cultures where people are mutually dependent on each other.

MOT aims at these three brand goals: MOT will always be some kind of magic. MOT will rank amongst the world’s top brands. MOT will be recognised as the brands of brands.

MOT should be exceptional at reaching youth in an inspirational way. MOT should be exceptional at giving magical experiences. MOT should be exceptional at creating an atmosphere with energy and trust in the classroom.

Use the position of well-known people with a great attitude to influence the youth.

When positive role models communicate MOT, it makes MOT cooler, and it is easier for the MOT coach to have an impact on the youth.

A great MOT brand is a result of conscious leadership and the building of a specific and desired MOT identity. Please safeguard MOT’s identity by protecting and developing MOT’s Comprehensive System.

MOT’s Comprehensive System, together with a lot of right MOT people and awareness of what is the right MOT culture and playing style, has created MOT.

MOT’s Comprehensive System is created as a foundation to make MOT able to strengthen youth’s robustness, awareness, and courage – to live, care and say no worldwide and in an eternal perspective.

Perform profile building the MOT way:

Create experience.

Create recognition.

Create visibility.

Less talk. More TALQ = Tools, Action, Listening, Questions.

MOT’s profile building, in short: Logo on MOTy and high-profile people. MOTy magical profile building. MOTy recognisable and inspirational experience in everything we do.

MOT should be great at letting youth use MOT their own way. MOT shall be great at making youth become self-builders. MOT should be great at interacting with youth.

MOT has created a recognisable image to be a brand for the youth.

When positive role models wear the MOT logo, it works as a reminder and reinforcement of MOT’s message.

The youth wear the MOT logo because it gives them more courage and makes them feel safety, belonging and commitment.

Be a MOTy associate who communicates with a MOTy tribal language as positively and simply as possible.

Be a MOTy associate who contributes to a MOTy atmosphere and expression with authenticity and energy.

MOT’s X-factor is the ownership youth have of MOT, and the sense of belonging, relationship and positive association young people have with MOT.

MOT should be a positive experience in young people’s lives. MOT will have the lives of young people at the centre. MOT will take young people seriously.

‘MOT’s internal culture-building in a nutshell: Get the right people on the ‘MOT bus’.

Get the ‘wrong’ people off the bus.

Get the right people in the right seats.

MOT’s product is not ‘just another school programme’, it’s a ‘comprehensive programme that is used by schools to build robust youth, cultures and societies’.

MOT’s Comprehensive System identifies MOT. That’s the message we choose to send. It’s what we say, what we are, what we do, how we communicate and prioritise, what emotions we want to give people, and what we don’t want to give people. A clear identity gives clear associations.

Since the inception of MOT, there has been an extreme awareness of consistency. A brand identity that must be recognised no matter where in the world people encounter MOT, which in turn will strengthen growth and the target groups’ love and trust in MOT.

MOT’s concept is MOT’s core identity and is the central and timeless essence of why we exist, what we are passionate about and how MOT is realised.

MOT’s brand profile is MOT’s extended identity, and this reinforces MOT’s desired image and helps reinforce MOT as unique and distinctive.

The MOT sessions in MOTs programmes should inspire the youth and make them look forward to the next one – like a movie, book or concert that leaves you wanting more.

Expect accountability for wholeness, future and MOTy culture. Expect disciplined collaboration and execution. Expect integrity.

Look to the best companies: Practice efficient operations. Build brand. Build a good internal culture.

Dare to make demanding and unpopular choices and decisions for the good of MOT’s long-term perspective.

Be hungry for development and have concept loyalty. Let innovation and tradition go hand in hand.

The result of MOT’s identity building is the MOT brand.

MOT is the owner of the identity and the brand identity building. The target group owns the MOT brand. The brand MOT is the experience, thought and feeling the target group has when they meet and think about MOT.

Youth are going to think MOT is cool and have positive feelings and thoughts about MOT.

From day one, MOT wanted to be a brand for the youth.

Please, have MOTs purpose and giving inspiration in the centre, and if you have to choose only three areas of action, please choose:

Ensure a right and great internal MOT culture.

Promote the right and great implementation of MOTs programmes.

Promote the right and great MOT profile building.

MOT’s programmes are important. However, the brand is the most important. MOT is the youth’s brand and a social movement across schools, local communities, countries, politics, and religions.

The impact is important. However, the experience is the very most important. MOT finds its way to the youth’s heads and hearts because MOT gives positive experiences.

The MOT associates’ behaviour, way of communicating and relation to MOT’s identity makes the MOT brand.

When the youth associate themselves with MOT it is easier for MOT to influence.

Inspirational and magical experiences make MOT’s platform for impact.  

Create an inspirational experience in most of the MOT activities you do. A magical wrapping makes it easier to reach people.

It’s important to do things right. However, doing the right things is more important,

Maintain the balance between leading yourself, leading others and leading the business so that identity and results are strengthened.

Maintain a clear MOT identity and system. Have clear characteristics and internal rules that are lived by.

Spend time developing your associates – and raising awareness and repeating.

Trust is one of the most important factors in building successful teams, organisations, and businesses.

In a solid culture, people grow. Solid cultures create self-propelled businesses.

Be inspiring and aware.

Cultivate the top five elements that make your business unique.

Be opportunity-focused and find the best in people and situations.

Be prepared, plan well and communicate clearly and sincerely.

Be disciplined and focused more than result-fixated.

Hold the company’s best identity and culture builders accountable.

Show love. Practice tough love.

Do it: Execution is the number one trait for success and growth. Grit and perseverance are crucial.

Regardless of role, the best managers and employees I have worked with have created ownership of their roles, tasks and development. They have also taken ownership of strengthening the company’s identity and culture.

Expect accountability. Expect managers and employees to take responsibility for their own tasks and development and take responsibility for the company’s overall culture.

Branding is a fundamental and long-term investment for businesses.

The company’s eternity perspective and conscious brand identity are intertwined.

Brand identity helps build a relationship between the brand and the desired target group.

The brand identity makes it easier to stand out from the crowd. The brand identity is the personality of the brand. A true brand identity «hits» and strengthens the company’s competitive advantage and desired positioning.

A good and correct brand identity increases the desired target group’s engagement and creates the desired experience for the desired target group.

A strong brand identity can be seen as a masterpiece of a building. The architect designs the building so that the craftsmen know how to build it.

A strong brand identity can be seen as a masterpiece of a musical, a play or a film. The director stages the dramaturgical work, defines the artistic expression and instructs the actors.

A strong brand identity can be seen as a masterpiece of a storybook. The fairy tale author can either write the storybook with inspiring stories from their imagination or create the fairy tale book by collecting many existing stories. Perhaps not every one of the fairy tales is unique. But when ordinary fairy tales are combined and fused into a whole, they can become a magical masterpiece. 

A strong brand identity can be seen as a masterpiece of a musical work. A masterpiece of a musical work is an outstanding craftsmanship with depth and timeless beauty. The composer creates musical works for others to perform. The composer is a tone writer and tone-setter. The composer is an artist who writes original works from scratch on his own initiative, or/and assembled on commission from other artists.

The brand identity is the company’s logo, colours and imagery, but a clear and recognisable form of expression is so much more. The brand identity is the company’s concept that includes both the company’s thoughts, products, and functional and emotional benefits. A brand identity is the holistic system and collection of all the elements a business uses to create the desired image of its target audience.

The business has control and influence over building or changing its brand identity. On the other hand, image is the target audience’s perception and mental image. Image is a result of your company’s brand identity.

Don’t underestimate the power you have as a role model.

Have positive expectations for others. Focus on how you want your future to look like.

Say no to things that decrease your energy or personality.

Show trust. Help others believe in their skills and facilitate so others can use their strength!

To prioritise is to say no to things that can ruin your health, dreams and future prospects.

Accept that you can’t always be regarded good enough by others. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior without your permission. Accept not always being good.

Do things you enjoy and are passionate about, and at the same time feel the inner and genuine happiness – without receiving any reward or validation from others for what you do.

Enable associates to feel proud ownership. Enable others to flourish and use their talents.

Be genuine, open, natural and sincere.

Be real. Happiness is not being a figure, a copy, or an image created by others.

Admit mistakes. Leave room for making mistakes.

Be accepting of mistakes. Stop trying to be perfect.

Have integrity. Integrity may push people away from you sometimes, but if everyone likes you, you don’t stand up for your sincerity, values, beliefs and a purpose that is bigger than yourself and your opponent.

Maintain focus on mastering, and preserve your talents, abilities and gifts.

Create good feelings in others.

Be trustworthy. Talk TO and not ABOUT!

Ask and listen. Be investigative. Be interested. Be curious.

Be curious instead of judgemental. Do not condemn everything you see. Do not believe everything you hear.

Put people in a situation where they get a sense of mastery. It makes the day magical for them, and it’s an investment for tomorrow.

Show joy for input and ideas.

Let others know that their opinion matters.

Believe in people. Make others feel valuable.

Wish others well, and work to make it happen.

Be prepared. Have clear goals. Right input/education! Plan ahead. Practice.

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! When you repeat a message, lecture, or the MOT sessions, many times, you get better and better. Repetition is more important than new knowledge.

Use setbacks and problems as opportunities to improve or chart a new course and direction. A downturn can quickly turn into an upswing!

Please speak out when you need help, energy, space and time. And before you’re about to drown. Although you speak out, it doesn’t necessarily mean everybody will help you, but it’s a bigger chance they will.

Be positively naive. It’s better to believe the best about others than the worst. From time to time, you might be wrong, but that will happen if you think negatively as well. We develop more when we admire and are happy for others than we do when we are jealous.

To show background understanding means to consider that other people have a different content in their invisible backpack than we do.

Take people seriously! Make people feel wanted, welcomed, and valued!

Share ideas, input, information, inspiration and wishes!

Become great at controlling your own thoughts and choices, more than a leaf that lets itself be blown with the wind!

Focus on inspiration. Get your associates and managers to grow and flourish by inspiring more than «inspecting».

Think about winning over yourself rather than comparing yourself to others.

Dare to go your own way and dare to stand alone. Find your stand and be conscious in your choices. If you choose not to choose, you have still chosen.

Take care of your talent. Find something you like. Find something you’re passionate about. Find something you believe in. And love what you like and believe in.

Dream, set goals, and enjoy yourself on the ROAD to your goal. Don’t think about failure, if you say stupid things, or blunder your way out. Be a little crazy and take risks.

Just as a seed depends on the soil and the sun to grow, CULTURE is the human sun, soil and greenhouse. Let’s be both the sun and the gardener for other people.

Take responsibility for the good of your business.

Create a foundation of trust, good relations, and common understanding at an early stage, rather than problem-solving and a need to control at a later stage.  

Create a clear structure and a disciplined culture. Expect them to follow the recipe. Deal with conflicts.

Whatever you achieve or don’t achieve, don’t take it too personally. You’re never as good as people say you are when you have success. Accept your failures with your head held high. Because you’re never as bad as you think you or other people say you are when you fail.

No human reaches the stars in the sky. But you and I can help create a mastering culture where people reach for their stars. Stars that provide security and direction. Stars that trigger drive, relational courage and execution courage.

Courage is most important. Without courage it is sometimes difficult to show kindness, even if you want to.

Courage helps you to stand up for your values. Courage helps you to have integrity.

Our courage will help us and inspire others.

Courage is necessary to build ourselves and others.

After courage, I think kindness is the most important attribute.

Sometimes, you need courage to show kindness. Please show courage. Please show kindness.

Sometimes, we need to make a choice; being right or being kind. Please, choose to be kind.

Kindness promotes a more peaceful and safer world. Kindness improves our quality of life.

Kindness makes us happier. Kindness draws people to you.

Be strong within yourself. When you are strong enough by yourself, you can take someone else under your wings.

Cheering on others has a double effect: The one who cheers and the one being cheered on feel better.

Cheering rather than booing, and wishing the best for others rather than being jealous is of great value to society.  It also strengthens the feeling of mastering for all parties.

Cheering is related to a plethora of positive outcomes, among other things: preventing crime and social problems.

Be respectful. Respect is about being grateful, being completely present in the moment while hanging out with others, allowing others to make mistakes without overreacting.

Be a living human being rather than a follower who only does what others expect him/her to do.

You can’t help everyone, but by caring for and being present for the ones who feel left out, you can change this person’s life.

Be there for others when they feel discouraged. Your demeanour can strengthen or weaken others’ courage.

Life is unfair. Create your own righteousness. You always have two options: You can choose to be a victim and feel sorry for yourself, or you can choose to have guts and say «I’m going to make this my strength.»

Be predictable. Create a clear structure and frame.

Inspire and stimulate individuals to win over themselves.

Each of us is free to choose how we think and respond in situations.  Avoid focusing on the problem. Focus on hope and opportunity. Solve social problems by reinforcing the positive rather than condemning them.

Facilitate diversity. Accept differences and distinctions in everyone.

Think well of others. It has a double effect. It also strengthens one’s own courage.

Empower people to be themselves.

It’s important to be yourself, but if one employee comes every single day with 100% of their whole self, it could potentially be at the expense of the others – and the company.

It is a managerial task to regulate oneself and others.

Balancing flexibility/participation and firmness/clarity can be a demanding management task.

As leaders, we may sometimes have to say no to 5% to say yes to the other 95% and the business. This strengthens long-term value creation and security for the business.

A solid culture is reinforced through a clear direction and clear framework. It may not be popular, and as a leader, you might not be liked by everyone. But being clear will make you predictable, and this will lead to your employees feeling more secure.

There should be a lot of trust and freedom within the framework.

Find strength in role models and quotes. One of my favourites is «I never lose – I either win or learn,» by Nelson Mandela.

Make great days — for yourself and for others.

Be a collector of gratitude more than a collector of injustice.

Be a thermostat more than a thermometer.

Look with a magnifier for your small daily and personal victories.

Think non-traditional, be honest and open and don’t make excuses when you execute.

Sum up the day with three best and one worst rather than the opposite.

When setting goals, I recommend three different gradations: dream goals, realistic goals, and comfort goals.

Inspire and stimulate people to develop their own inner resources in the best possible way.

It is not a given that a better “mirror image” gives a better self-image (self-esteem).

Accept differences. No one gets bigger by diminishing others. If you manage to accept ALL people’s opinions and peculiarities, you belong to an elite and then you must message me with the recipe 😊

Governments around the world need some spearheads and lighthouses, like MOT, that build culture and attitudes in people. In country after country, MOT should become the government’s bastion and tool in spreading good values, building safe and inclusive communities and developing young people’s resilience.

Create a common understanding that robust youth is the key to a warmer and safer society and world. Robust youth don’t have a need to be seen through destroying themselves, others and society.

To master life is related to a plethora of positive outcomes, such as strengthened quality of life and prevention of crime and social problems.

The best premise for young people to master school, and for adults to master home and work, is to master life.

Strengthen young people’s awareness, courage and dignity.

Strengthen young people’s quality of life, resilience and positive drive.

Strengthen young people’s interests, potential and hope for the future.

When young people master life, there will be fewer problems, and the need for ‘extra initiatives’ in school and repairing of adults is reduced.

Values and mastering lift people. Focus on values, awareness and attitude change in order to prevent crime and social problems.

Strengthen children and youth’s self-confidence and confidence in their own capacity.

When we build children and youth and have faith in young people, there is less need for the repair of adults.

Inspire children, youth, and adults to have a gutsy and positive way of thinking, displacing negative thoughts like hatred, bitterness, and jealousy.

Inspire children and youth to build each other up, care, and send positive signals to others.

Inspire youth to give themselves self-instructions, making them more conscious about what choices they make.

Create happy and robust children in order to prevent crime and social problems.

By being at the forefront, including through positive building of young people, school environment and society, many problems will never arise, and there will be less need for «measures».

Build dikes of robust young people to prevent the flood of broken adults.

Build dikes of robust youth to prevent the flood of bullying, social exclusion, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, crime, violence, and a culture that creates losers in society.


The most unique thing about MOT is that the youth own MOT. It is the fact that they have taken MOT to both their hearts and their heads. It is the fact that the youth benefit greatly from MOT.

The absolutely most unique thing about MOT is that youth use MOT in their own way, and this is exceptional and is the biggest reason why MOT will become the brand of brands, which in turn leads to a greater spread of MOT all over the world. And most importantly, it leads to even more resilient young people, who include everyone.

This poster I made for myself in 2009 as a reminder to prioritize the right and important:

Atle, as the top leader of a magical MOT, REMEMBER:

*PEG culture + **YIS in everything we do – locally, nationally and globally

Be a role model on the postulates – spend time on Recruit right!

Show courage to lead – yourself, the leadership team and a magical MOT

Have an «outside in» perspective

Hold up your drive – your originality, faith and burning enthusiasm for MOT

Hold up your overall understanding and foresight

Learn from everything and everyone

Set the framework – for MOT’s overall plan and new MOT projects/countries

Spend time on financing

Spend time on the internal MOT school, culture building and implementing thoughts and plans

Spend time being a walking MOT-Original

Spend time on annual oases – for mountaintop perspective, development, planning and good organization

June 28th, 2009

*PEG means Achievement, Ownership, Joy

**YIS means Youthful, Innovative, Sincere


12 of my points to succeed:






Good product

Ability to execute


Cultivate the most unique

Everything put into a system (identity building & comprehensive understanding)

Connect with the right and inspiring people, strengthen their ownership and train them to play ping-pong with inspiration, accountability and trust. Make them proud.

A core of associates (at least 30% of the staff/team) who march with you, who understand and defend the company’s goals, philosophy and concept. Identity builders with a great deal of integrity, commitment, dedication, sincerity and loyalty that ensures stability and trust.

5th January 2021

My last reminder for a best possible MOT in an eternal perspective:


The brand is the most important of all!

MOT is the youth’s brand and an inspiring social, courage and value-based movement across schools, local communities, countries, politics, and religions.

My last reminder for a best possible MOT in an eternal perspective:


All MOT coaches, employees and board members:

Take youth seriously.

Be true and sincere!

Be inspiring.

My last reminder for a best possible MOT in an eternal perspective:

Ensure and increase the three most important results

Youth’s YIS experience of MOT

MOT’s impact on youth

Growth of youth in MOT’s programmes

HOW TO STRENGTHEN MOT’s brand and top three results:

3rd place: Right MOT profile building

● Create experience! ‘A kind of magic’

● Create recognition! P-YIS in everything we do

● Create visibility! Logo on MOTy high profiled people

HOW TO STRENGTHEN MOT’s brand and top three results:

2ND place: Right use of energy and focus

● Excellent execution of MOT’s Programmes  

● Recruit the right MOT Coaches

● Growth

HOW TO STRENGTHEN MOT’s brand and top three results:

1ST place: RIGHT MOT ASSOCIATES (locally and nationally)

● Get the right people on the ‘MOT bus’

● Get the wrong people off the bus

● Get the right people in the right seats

June 2020

“MOT’s Comprehensive System is a set of recipes, elements and formulations that are polished over 26 years and kept on repeated within MOT Norway and all the other MOT organisations in other countries.

MOT’s concept is like a magical key card that is lent to schools, municipalities and countries/states on a partnership premise.

The frame is sacred, but within it, the freedom and inventiveness can explode. MOT is a system, a brand and a «concept company».

If MOT sticks to MOT’s Comprehensive System MOT will never die.

No one can guarantee MOT and MOT’s Comprehensive System eternal life, but no one can accuse us of not having fought and tried to.”

Atle and Sigrun Vårvik